How we work

We are builders, dedicated to creating exceptional products and companies. We strive to make a meaningful and positive impact on the world by building better from day one. Unlike traditional accelerators or venture funds, our focus extends beyond investment. Through meticulous curation and in-depth vetting of ideas, we foster the co-creation of companies and offer comprehensive resourcing throughout the critical first two years and beyond.
We focus on B2B software markets and “big bet” disruptive technologies, looking for sound business cases that meet a clear customer need, as well as good timing and a compelling vision for the future.

Idea vetting

We conduct a thorough assessment of ideas and put those through our rubric with advisory input to determine go/no-go on the startup.

Green light

For our startups, we co-create by working with one or two co-founders to build the company from scratch.


We put in the first money and provide crucial assistance and mentorship on raising a seed round.


We allocate our in-house team of experienced early-stage builders and innovators to accelerate the time to market and minimize early risks.

The first 24, and then up

It’s all about getting down and dirty in those first two years. Sleeves rolled up, in the trenches, but knowing you’re sweating it out with the right support and roadmap behind you.

Idea Phase

We work to validate the potential solution against market need, competition, and go-to-market feasibility. We conduct research, consult with domain space experts and advisors, and score the idea against our assessment model.

Plan Phase

With a solid opportunity, the next step is an investment from 24 and Up and access to shared in-house talent resources to start to build the product and establish an initial strategy. The outcome of this phase is to have a working prototype ready to show to potential customers and get real feedback.

Build Phase

Additional investment from 24 and Up is made for startups that continue to show promise from the Plan phase. More hiring, more product development progress, and market entry via sales starts to happen. 24 and Up team continues to support as needed with shared resources and advisory help.

Up Phase

The startup company reaches more product development maturity, has initial early customers, and a founding team in place. 24 and Up guides them towards their first institutional round of fundraising, while continuing with board representation and advisory as the startup continues to grow.