A new-style startup studio: from creation through the first 24 months.

We work with entrepreneurs to co-create the next generation of software startups.

The journey from a promising idea to a viable product hinges on the first two years: a time of make-or-break decisions about discovery, development, and early adoption.

We provide essential support with our engineering and design talent, management strategy, and capital to jump-start companies through those early stages.
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A 24 and Up project

Building better from day one

The 24 and Up Advantage

Strong foundation

We can impact the notoriously high early-stage mortality rate by providing the right mix of supportive talent, funding, and advisory as soon as an idea moves forward.

Execution speed

We help startups achieve faster time-to-market and product-market fit, via immediate talent availability from the 24 and Up core team: engineering, design, product leadership, recruiting, and operational support.

On-demand advisory

Our network of advisors means built-in access to experts in management, product strategy, and even specific industries for validation, direction, and connections.
Our Companies
Revcast empowers modern RevOps leaders to efficiently plan, manage, and optimize sales capacity in real-time.
Agent management platform for building, analyzing, and supervising AI agents across the enterprise to deliver on organizational goals autonomously and effectively.
A platform for product marketers and go-to-market teams.
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The first universal ID reusability and reputation network.
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