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Story and Vision

As a promising idea takes the journey towards viable product, those first two startup years are critical. It's a time that requires make-or-break decisions for product development, resourcing, and early user testing and adoption. 24 and Up is a new type of studio model. Our aim is to deliver essential support - such as engineering and design talent, management strategy, and capital - in those first 24 months (and beyond) to increase the success rate for emerging, amazing companies.

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24 and Up is founded by Eric Boduch, four-time tech entrepreneur most recently as a co-founder of where he led marketing, evangelism, and general management of a new product line. Eric knows first hand the ongoing challenges and victories (small and big) faced by startup founders. He serves as an angel investor, board member, and advisor to a multitude of tech companies. He hosts the Product Love podcast and is a frequent speaker at product and business conferences. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and from its Tepper School of Business's Entrepreneurial Management Program.
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